good morning, vietnam — and belarus

hello, dear reader,

first of all, thank you so much for visiting.

we don’t get many visitors like you at real-life.

in fact we don’t get many visitors at all.

there is not much that goes on here. just a little house with a few cats. but it is warm and we have hot and cold running water. the Lord has blessed us in many ways.

perhaps we are reaching you in a small house or apartment or room somewhere, maybe with a dog, cat or bird. maybe you live above a busy city street and pigeons come to your window for a handout. maybe you have names for them.

you might be in any country. last month real-life had 673 visitors, from canada, thailand, malaysia, latvia, japan, vietnam, belarus, ukraine, brazil, romania, turkey, indonesia, finland, great britain, netherlands, lithuania, spain, russian federation, china, germany, france, norway, sweden and more.

what they were looking for, we cannot say. we don’t think they were looking for this little house with a few cats.

as we write to you it is 0 degrees celsius  outside, the air damp and still. a bright moon shining through bare trees.  maybe it is also beautiful also where you are.

what is happening with you in the russian federation? what’s going on with you in thailand?

what’s up in spain? is the rain falling mainly on the plain?

seriously, though — thank you for visiting. we hope you’ll come again. not sure what you’ll find, but we’ll try to think of something.

please do be well.

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